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What Is a Nurse Entrepreneur, and How to Become One?

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Hundreds of nurse entrepreneurs have started businesses using their nursing skills, knowledge, and education. However, nurse entrepreneurs are still largely unknown.

What is a nurse entrepreneur?

A nurse entrepreneur is a nurse who uses their healthcare background, creativity, business system knowledge, and successful investment strategies to start their own business in the healthcare industry. Such professionals have a variety of roles and benefits that are not available to traditional nurses.

Nurse entrepreneurs combine healthcare knowledge with business to create profitable ventures centered on optimal care delivery. They can specialize in a variety of health-related fields, including information technology and patient data storage, healthcare services, and medical devices.

Nurse entrepreneurs' work has the potential to have a significant impact on healthcare. They can help lay the groundwork for moving the concept of care delivery forward in a variety of ways by working independently to develop new and innovative tools and systematic industry advances.

How to start a nursing business?

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Becoming a nurse entrepreneur can provide nursing professionals with significant flexibility in building their healthcare careers on their own terms. This freedom, however, is carefully shaped and earned through a specific step-by-step process.


The first step in becoming a nurse entrepreneur, like other nursing professions, is to obtain a nursing degree. An advanced degree is not usually required; however, earning an advanced degree, such as a Doctor of Nursing Practice, can help build a person's career.


After receiving a degree, an individual must obtain certification. The National Council Licensure Exam for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) is a test administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing that confirms proficiency in metrics such as safety, psychosocial integrity, and health maintenance.


Nurse entrepreneurs must gain nursing experience after obtaining licensure. This allows nurses to not only build a record of demonstrable knowledge and skills in a real-world setting, but also to identify their own strengths and weaknesses. This allows a nurse to refine and optimize their approach to healthcare delivery before venturing out on their own.

Qualities of a successful nurse entrepreneur

Successful nurse entrepreneurs have a skill set that enables them to integrate healthcare and business seamlessly, such as strong leadership, analytical, and communication abilities. At the same time, they must have other qualities that allow them to apply their skills independently.

The advantages of being an entrepreneur

Being a nurse entrepreneur has numerous advantages.

Nurses are able to be innovative, imaginative, and constantly inspired by the work they produce because of their profession. As a result, many nurse entrepreneurs are proud of what they have accomplished in the field of healthcare. They also benefit from not being restricted to working in hospitals, clinics, education, or the healthcare industry.

Nurse entrepreneurs design their own careers, which allows them to be more flexible and avoid common employment constraints. They achieve exceptional professional/personal growth as a result of continuous learning and business development.

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